Second Hand or Used Kit for Sale

Nov 15, 2011   //   by Nick   //   News  //  11 Comments

We have now moved all our second hand used watersports equipment to the following link.

Second hand watersports equipment




  • Do you have a sit-on-top kayak – about 15 kg – for sale

    • Yes we have the teksport 260 with paddle for £299. RRP £380. It is 16kg.

  • Hi Nick,
    I’m looking for a mast foot (U.J.) and a mast foot extension for a 1980s new waves 320 windsurfer, the approx diameter of the bottom of the mast is 50mm and circumference again approx 180mm the pin that slots into the board is approx 30m,or if you know anybody who might have some old stock kicking around I would appriciate any suggestions.
    Thanks steve

    • Hi Steve,

      Thank you for the message about mast feet for a new wave 320. I would need to see it to be sure but I am faily confident that you will be able to fit most modern parts. If you are local, feel free to bring it down to the Quay and we can have a look and try some parts to see what fit’s. I can get some old new wave parts, but the problem with old second hand parts (mast feet in particular).


    • Is the Perception Gemini still for sale ?

  • Hi, I’m looking for a 3 man or 2+1 Kayak, need the whole kit (seats, paddles, life jackets etc) could you please let me know what you have avaialbe? Thanks.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thank you for your email. I have actually just taken in a second hand 3 man sit on kayak. I’m planning on giving it a good clean up but other then that it looks great. I’ll be asking for £375 for the boat and seats, but could do it for £470 including 2 paddles and 2 buoyancy aids and if you’re local I could also deliver it.

      Let me know if youre interested.

      Kind regards,

  • Hi Nick, thanks for your response, I may well be interested yes, Could you give me some more info please?

    Do you know what make & model the kyak is?
    Does it have ‘built in’ wheel? and if not do you have any strap on wheels available?
    What size are the seats (high/low back)?
    Anything else useful?
    Don’t suppose you have a pic?

    I am local (Christchurch)


  • Hi Nick
    We bought a 2 man double sit on sea kayak from you last year and you kindly had it delivered to our home address in North Wales. We are wanting to bring it down with us this coming summer and we thought it might be easier to courier it down but the courier companies say it is too long!! Can you remember who you used to deliver it to us last September? Iw ill probably have been under the name of my husband, David Taylor, and we were staying in the Black House. Also, can you let me know the weight of it as I don’t know!! thankyou so much

  • do have any double person windsurfing boards or a Gemini i am very interested and am wondering if you have any for sale

    • Hello Samuel,

      Sadly I don’t have any second hand Gemini or other tandem windsurf boards instock, however I can get a new Gemini £1620 (rrp is £1799)

      Best regards,

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