Beginner Sailing Courses

Sailing Intro Course

This course is more then just a taster lesson. It gives you plenty of time on the water to grasp the basics and get a real feel for why sailing is so popular. It takes place over two sessions of two hours, each session can either be take on the same day or separate days. During these sessions we will go through the basics such as sailing along, turning around by tacking and stopping the boat. However each session can be tailored to the individuals needs in the group.

One Part of the course 
Price: £50
Duration: 2 hours

Complete Course 
Price: £95
 2 Sessions of 2 hours


Sailing Beginner Courses

Learning to sail is fun and exciting. This beginner course is a great way to start your journey as a sailor, going through everything you need to know and more.  Going through basic turns, called tacking, stopping and start using the power of the sails are just a few of the skills the you will learn on the first day. By the second day our RYA instructor will be building your confidence and skills to a level to which will enable you to sail on your own.

Price: £165
Duration: 2 Days

Sailing Beginner Course and Sailing Improver Course combined – £280


 Wetsuits and Buoyancy Aids are provided and are included in the price.