Stand Up Paddleboard

At ShoreSports Christchurch we use the most up-to-date Red Paddle Co and Fatstick equipment. The shallow waters of Christchurch Harbour make an ideal location for beginners and advanced alike.

Why sit when you can stand!

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a natural blend of paddling and surfing, it has been revised and modernised into a whole new water sport. It’s incredibly easy to learn, It’s a great all-round workout, for the fit and less fit alike, Standing up gives you a very different prospect of everything around you, Basic techniques and strokes are easily achieved in a relatively short space of time, It can be done anywhere, rivers, sea, harbour or lakes.
You can even windsurf on them!

Shoresports is a BSUPA registered school and as such we pride ourselves on offering professional and experience training.

Local Weather

real feel: 18°C
humidity: 91%