Raft Building Sessions

Raft Building is a water based team building challenge that involves making a raft from barrels, logs and a load of old rope. The teams get placed on a deserted land and given all the equipment and skills needed to get them back to the main land.

These sessions are ideal for large and small groups. The teams are taught the technical training (knots) needed to construct the raft. Then they are challenged to design and make a raft that is big enough and strong enough to carry the team through a set course or race back to main land. The teams are provided with buoyancy aids, helmets and paddles when needed.

The real test comes when the rafts are put on the water. It’s not so much a case of ‘sink or swim’, rather ‘don’t fall apart or swim’! Depending on the group, the instructor will check the design and construction of the raft to make sure that it stands some chance of going somewhere without collapsing. Once the rafts are on the water the instructors will be close at hand in the rescue boat to ensure the safety of the teams.

Christchurch harbour is a beautiful and idyllic place for raft building, being shallow water and sheltered. Although we would have to time the sessions with a high tide for there to be enough water to paddle the rafts.

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