Intermediate and Advanced Windsurfing Courses

Intermediate Windsurfing Course

The intermediate Courses are designed to take your windsurfing past just the basics.

Looking at:

  • Faster takes and gybes
  • Beach starts
  • Using a harness
  • Advance stance
  • Planning
  • Getting into the footstraps

Price: £60 minimum 3 people or private session £100.
Duration: 2 hours

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Advanced Windsurfing Courses – Private

Take your windsurfing to the next level with our Advanced Courses. This course is there to help you reach the unreachable, that would be any of the following.

  • Carve gybes, Duck gybes – Get the most from your gybes, faster, slicker and controlled.
  • Waterstarts – Best done in the harbour before going out on the sea.
  • Entry wave sailing – Not been out on the sea before, well this is your chance.
  • Jumps – Get some air time, whether in the harbour or sea.

Price: £60 private. Groups can be arranged.
Duration: 1 hours

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Tide times

Mudeford Quay

Tide times for 2 December 2023

Tide Time Height
High  00:30 1.6m
Low   07:01 0.9m
High  12:32 1.5m
Low   19:22 0.8m

Tide times for 3 December 2023

Tide Time Height
High  01:14 1.5m
Low   07:47 1.1m
High  13:15 1.3m
Low   20:08 1.0m