British Canoeing – Qualifications and Awards

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Young or old paddle sports are one of the most accessible ways to enjoy being on the water, which, offers something for everyone. Whether you are just looking to see wildlife and great views, improve your fitness or experience the thrills of going down white water kayaking, this is for you. Christchurch Harbour in Dorset offers some of the most stunning but safe locations in which to learn.

At ShoreSports we train people to use their craft as effectively and safely as possible giving them the confidence and ability to go out on their own. Often the best way to do this is by following the British Canoeing awards.

BC Personal Performance Awards

The performance awards have replaced the old BCU Star awards.

Paddle Start Award

The Paddle Start Award is really you first step into kayaking. It’s an alternative and slightly more in depth version of our taster lesson. It lasts just 3 hours and goes through all the basics that you need to know to start your kayak journey. If you have your own kayak or looking to get one, then this is certainly for you.

Learn about the importance of clothing and equipment, how to get on and off the Water and the basics to help you get around.

For more information – Paddle_Start_Award

Duration 3 hours – Price £55

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Paddle Discover Award

The Paddle Discover Award allows you to develop your decision making and practical skills for a fun and safe time on the water, taking you on the next steps towards becoming a proficient and independent paddler. It helps to have a bit of paddle experience, however, if you are confident you can jump straight into this discover award.

Learn how to choose and effectively use equipment, whilst developing an understanding of the factors which affect your paddling; giving you the confidence to progress to making your own choices with the Explore Award.

For more information – Paddle_Discover_Award

Duration 6 hours (one day) – Price £90

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Paddle Explore Award

The Paddle Explore Award aims to give you ownership; allowing you to choose where you move next in the world of paddle sport. Working with our coach you will be able to develop a
programme that suits what you need. You need have previous experience to join the Paddle Explore Award, ideally having done the Discover Award.

Learning to make confident choices and recognising your ability to independently paddle your chosen craft in a sheltered water environment.

For more information – BC_Paddle_Explore_Award

Duration 6 hours (one day) – Price £90

or a combined Discover and Explore Awards for £165

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Who are British Canoeing?

British Canoeing (BC) is the governing body for paddle sports within the UK and ShoreSports is affiliated to British Canoeing.


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