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Sailing Hire

Shallow = safety and fun! • For Competent Sailors only • Check tides

Quick Details

Single handers - 1 hour
Single handers - 2 hours
Double hander Large Hartley 15 - 1 hour
Double handers Large Hartley 15 - 2 hours
Double handers Medium 12.2 - one hour
Double hander Medium Hartley 12.2 - two hours

Experience Sailing Boat Hire in Christchurch, Dorset with ShoreSports

Hire your own dinghy and explore the waters!

Zests, Tera, H12,(singles) and H12.2 Meduim double hander) H15 ( large double hander).
Please do check tides prior to booking. You need to be a competent sailor to hire, refunds won’t be given on the day if not safe. Minimum age for independent sailing 12+ with adult supervison.
We expect customers to be able to rig and launch their own boat, we are happy to support as able/required.Otherwise please book some lessons.

  • Enjoy getting round Christchurch harbour on your own by hiring a Dinghy. A large sailing area, stunning views and plenty of wildlife all makes for a superb setting. Being shallow makes it incredibly safe and fun, however it does restrict the times in which we can hire.
  • To ensure safety on the water, we require that you are a competent sailor. This can be shown with either a certificate of competence or by demonstrating to us that you know what you are doing.
  • All hire includes wetsuits and buoyancy aids!
  • Ages 12 + for hire with parent permission, any age if accompanied by competent adult