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WingFoil Lesson

Quick Details

First Private Wingfoil Lesson - 1 Person
First Private Wingfoil Lesson - 2 People

Winging is the latest sports to hit the water

Popular for it’s simplicity, with just a wing and a board and you’re setup and away, it’s both fun and exciting. Add a foil gives even more of a thrill and makes it a perfect sport for both regular watersports enthusiasts and those that are yet to take to the water. Our instructors will help you to join the thrill, giving you an introduction to winging in both a fun and informative way. Need to be 12+ to wingsurf, 16+ to wingfoil
Wingsurf Introductory lesson

We cover…

  • Learning to fly and control the wing on the beach.
  • Then on, high floatation boards, the course covers various techniques and stances
  • How to control power, speed, trimming and direction.
  • Rescue techniques